Columnist to sign books about history of Conroe, Montgomery County

I am honored to have been invited, as the book cover artist, to sign books along-side the author of 'Transformation of the "Miracle City"'

Posted: Wednesday, January 28, 2015 9:16 pm

By Matthew Costa

Columnist and Conroe history savant Robin Montgomery will be signing copies of his new book, ‘Transformation of the “Miracle City”’ Feb. 7 at the Heritage Museum of Montgomery County.

Book signings will occur between 2 and 4 p.m., and will be Valentines Day themed for visitors to “Have a Heart for History,” but those in the audience will have the ability to find out just how dedicated to Conroe’s history Montgomery is.

“I grew up with this,” Montgomery said. “My dad was a historian; he taught history and retired as principal from Conroe High School. We’re interested in all of this.”

The book contains a bit of everything concerning the rise of Conroe and Montgomery County, from the prehistoric times and the Native American tribes who originally resided here, to the impact made by African-Americans and Hispanics in the area on its way to becoming what it is today.

Even the book’s cover depicts a bit of history in Conroe, as the city was able to recover “like a phoenix rising,” after the great Conroe fire of 1911 according to Montgomery. The cover artist, Theresa Thornhill, will be at the signing as well to sign books and display some of her other art.

“It took awhile to figure out what to do on the cover,” Montgomery said. “Finally, I hit on the idea of phoenix rising, and Theresa took that and ran with it.”

Along with the two contributors to the book directly, fellow authors Flossie Stanley Keels and Larry Foerster, chairman of the Montgomery County Historical Commission will be on site to discuss their books as well. Montgomery credits Foerster for the idea of writing the book, calling him a “visionary.”

“We originally wanted to do the first half as a selection of my columns, but Larry convinced me to write a whole book on them,” Montgomery said.

Special invited guests to the book signing include teachers, Conroe service league members, and friends of the museum. Hands-on displays of Seashells, Native American artifacts, and one-room school house items will be open to the public as well.

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