You've worked hard to help your clients find the right house, buy the right car, make the right investment and now you have closed the deal.

That's a relationship you want to keep!

Give a client appreciation gift that is useful AND keeps your name in front of them all year long.

We can provide gifts that say exactly what you want them to

your logo, your contact info—

anything you want!


High quality, fairly priced, easily customizable products that your clients will love. You select the item, the design, and the colors then add your logo. You now have a unique gift that makes an impact on your clients.


There are a few designs that may restrict the amount of room or type of layout available for your brand. Let us know what you want and we will do our best to accommodate your vision.

Did I mention that he was also a veteran and a policeman?

Did I mention that he was also a veteran and a policeman?

Why is an artist interested in the world of realty?

I grew up as a "daddy's girl". He was a realtor, builder, developer and all around entrepreneur. I went EVERYWHERE with him. I learned that being a realtor (or even self-employed) takes hard work, perseverance and lots of follow-up to foster relationships with clients.  So, if I can help make your professional life just a little easier by providing personalized gifts that reinforce and support what you've worked hard to build---I'm in!