eBook cover design


eBook cover design


What will I get if I hire you to design my cover?

Lots of brainstorming, extended Photoshop time tediously cutting and blending pictures together to make a really unique cover design, up to 4 images (a background, foreground and two characters) and 16 years of graphic design experience. 

  • phone consultation with email follow-ups 
  • up to 4 Stock images included**
  • Unlimited revisions until the cover is finalized
  • First PROOF arrives within 14 days
  • Default 1600×2400 pixel cover, but other sizes can be requested

**I try to use royalty-free and limit-free images. Stock images that need to be purchased from Shutterstock for example, are purchased using the standard license. An extended license (allowing for more than 250,000 ebook sales and printed books combined) may be necessary. Additional license charges are the responsibility of the author. 

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