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Book Covers

What will I get if I hire you to design my cover?

Lots of brainstorming, extended Photoshop time tediously cutting and blending pictures together to make a really unique cover design, up to 4 images (a background, foreground and two characters) and 16 years of graphic design experience. 


eBook cover design   $125           

  • phone consultation with email follow-ups 
  • up to 4 Stock images included**
  • Unlimited revisions until the cover is finalized
  • First PROOF arrives within 14 days
  • Default 1600×2400 pixel cover, but other sizes can be requested

Addition of spine and back (for paperback books)   +$75

  • A paperback print cover is $200 total, but you can always decide later to add the spine and back to the ebook for the extra $75.

Add Front and Back flaps (Dust Jacket for hardback books)   +$50

  • A Dust Jacket is $250 total. This will yield a dust jacket cover, a paperback cover and an ebook cover.

Facebook Cover  OR  Twitter header  OR  blog header  OR  website header   +$25

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Deluxe Package
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